Nappy Bag

To continue my love-affair with mexican oilcloth I’ve been umming and ahhhing for some time now about what my next project would be. Well, when the zipper broke on my existing nappy bag I decided I’d try to make myself a new one. Here it is!

I’ve had a couple of nappy bags but neither have been quite right in terms of functionality or aesthetics so I was careful to think through exactly what I wanted and didn’t want. For example, I wanted something light-weight, waterproof and roomy with a zipper along the length of the main opening, an adjustable strap to wear it over my shoulder or diagonally across my body, and with some internal pockets for storing nappies, wipes and bottles.

I headed down to Me Too Please in Annandale and purchased two types of oilcloth: ‘Eden Gold on Black’ as the main fabric and ‘Polka Dots White on Beige’ for the interior.

I began with the lining of the bag (shown below). I sewed in two pockets on each side as well as larger compartments for drink bottles and snack containers. After making the side seams, I sewed perpendicular triangles across each of the bottom corners so that the bag would have a rectangular base.

Once the lining was complete I made the outer shell of the bag. I then put the two pieces together, folded over the top and sewed around the opening before adding the zipper and strap. Here it is all loaded up:

I’ve been using the bag for a couple of months now and as much as I’d like to say it’s the perfect bag, I must concede that it could definitely be improved. The base of the bag could do with some reinforcement as it’s not handling the rough-and-tumble of daily use. It would also be useful to have a couple of exterior pockets for drink bottles and personal items like my keys and phone to reduce the time spent fossicking around inside the main section of the bag looking for them!

Not bad for a first attempt though. I do love the look of it, even if it isn’t entirely functional. I guess that’s always the challenge: finding that perfect blend of aesthetics and function. Maybe next time!

More Mexican Oilcloth

The left-over oilcloth from Zali’s table-cloth was just too nice to waste so I decided I had to make something with it. I sewed up a little bag which I’m using to protect my super-soft goatskin leather bible. Yes, I’m a sucker for fabrics and finishes that are nice to touch and look at!

Because my sewing skills are so limited (year nine textiles and design was a while ago now!) I always avoid anything tricky like button holes or zippers. My solution this time was to sew on a scrap of brown ribbon I found in my craft box to use as the tie.

Mexican Oilcloth

A couple of friends showed me samples of some mexican oil-cloth they’d picked up from a delightful shop in Annandale called ‘Me Too Please’. I fell in love immediately and just had to get my hands on some. The print I selected from their vast range of over ninety patterns has large green apples on a white back-ground. But then, what to make?

My 18 month old daughter Zali has started to get into the craft activities herself (with a bit of encouragement from me, not surprisingly!) and so I thought I’d make a table-cloth to protect the little timber table we picked up from Vinnies which serves as her craft station.

It’s extremely basic, but I just love it and it’s super easy to clean: