Felt-lined Oilcloth Bag

This is a variation of the first oilcloth bag I made a few weeks back. I designed it to be able to carry a couple of A5 sketch books and some pastels (or any other assortment of art goodies for use when out and about). Oilcloth is quite thin which makes it delightful to work with but means it’s not super durable so I decided to line the inside with felt to provide a bit of padding.

After sewing the side seams I turned the bag inside out to trim away the excess oilcloth (see image below) and absolutely loved what I saw! I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for felt. Kikki K had a range of stationary goods made out of the stuff a few seasons back and I couldn’t resist purchasing a few items. Anyway, I’ve decided that my next variation of the oilcloth bag will most likely be some sort of reversible number…

The finished bag all tied up and ready to be taken on an outdoor art adventure!


One thought on “Felt-lined Oilcloth Bag

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